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Industrial Services

Our Industrial Services include:

  • industrial1Functional Capacity Evaluations
    A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a physical test used to measure the abilities of an injured worker and then use that information to match those abilities to the specific job demands of that worker. It is an objective measure of the workers’ level of function and can be used to decide return to work/activity status, disability determinations, or to generate a rehabilitation program.  These evaluations are performed in the clinic setting.
  • Work Conditioning
    This is an intensive, work related, goal oriented conditioning program designed to restore joint mobility and integrity, muscle strength and endurance, range of motion, and aerobic capacity and endurance. The objective of the work conditioning program is to restore physical capacity and function to enable return to work. Work conditioning is provided in multi-hour sessions up to four hours per day five days per week, with individualized conditioning programs designed to meet the workers’ specific needs.  The work conditioning is performed in the clinic setting with direct supervision by a physical therapist.
  • industrial4Ergonomic Evaluations
    An ergonomic evaluation consists of visiting job sites to perform hands-on evaluations of the physical requirements of the employees. This can include photographing workers performing job tasks, evaluating body positions or equipment required for performing tasks, and physically measuring or weighing objects to determine the potential for cumulative trauma or acute injuries on the job site. Work station evaluation for office job tasks can be performed to ensure proper desk/seat height, computer use and placement of frequently used equipment.
  • Work Place Evaluations
    A work place evaluation can be performed in conjunction with an ergonomic evaluation. The work place evaluation is used to determine possible workplace environmental risks and/or hazards that could lead to worker injury. These include housekeeping problems, lighting, proper safety equipment, proper signage and other potential hazards.
  • Job Assessments
    A job assessment is used to determine the essential functions of a specific job. This is performed by interviewing a sample of workers who perform the job and then doing objective measurements of the job. After performing the assessment a functional job analysis is written. This allows the employer to develop an accurate job description.  This service should be considered if a Functional Capacity Evaluation, Work Conditioning or Pre-employment/Post Offer Screens are being performed.
  • Back Education Training
    Our back education training goes beyond just instructing proper lifting techniques in the workplace. We also focus on home activities, sitting and standing positions, proper body positioning for work performance as well as preventative, flexibility and strength programs.
  • Pre-employment/Post Offer Screens
    Pre-employment/post offer screens involve determining the applicant’ ability to perform the job tasks outlined in the job description. Assessments are made of the person’ muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and ability to perform job specific tasks.  This testing helps to insure a “job match” between the prospective employee and the job position.
  • industrial2Safety Meeting Presentations
    Our staff can present a wide variety of safety meeting topics. These can include ergonomics training for work or home, back safety education, fitness for work, nutrition and exercise education, aging workforce injury prevention principles, stress management, and manual material handling. Specific presentations can be developed to fit the employer or employees’ needs.
  • Employee Wellness Program
    Our staff can offer individualized nutrition services, delivered by our Registered Dietitian, with topics that are personalized to meet your employee needs and lifestyles and specializing in diabetes awareness and education. Your employees will receive an initial in-depth session to include a lifestyle history and evaluation of current diet, nutrition, knowledge, and habits. Then our Registered Dietitian will create personal plans involving nutrition and behavior. The employees attend follow-up sessions to receive education and reinforcement on skills and knowledge necessary to implement their personalized plan.

Joe-Blauser-tallJoe Blauser, MS, ATC, CEAS, Director of Industrial Services

Joe Blauser graduated from Salisbury University in 1991 with Bachelor degrees in Biological Science and Physical Education, also obtaining his certification as a National Athletic Training Association Certified Athletic Trainer. He graduated from Marshall University in 1993 with a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine. In 2007 he obtained a certification as an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. Joe has over 20 years of experience in the high school, collegiate, clinical and industrial settings. Joe joined Mountain River Physical Therapy in February of 2009 and has worked to develop an Industrial Services program.  He currently is the Director of Industrial Services providing ergonomics, wellness and pre-employment testing programs.

Joe resides in Parkersburg with his wife Becky and their two children.

Please contact us for more information on Industrial Services at Mountain River Physical Therapy.

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