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High Speed Treadmill Training

highspeed-treadmillThis program is designed to teach and train the science and functional components of speed. The base program is a 3 day per week program lasting 8 weeks. The ideal outcomes occur when used prior to your upcoming sports season. The high speed treadmill may be incorporated into other programs to provide fitness training, sprint skill training and anerobic power maintenance.

HSTT combines incline training at functional velocities to develop the essential components of speed. These elements include stride length, stride rate, vertical force and correct running mechanics. The program employs Tufftread high speed treadmills, Vertimax Training Platforms, strength, plyometric and mobility training.

Outcomes of this program provide significant athletic virtues. In addition to linear speed development, the athletes will experience improved physical capacity, core strength, athletic movement skills and an elevated level of confidence. Athletes training in this program range from football and soccer players to track and endurance athletes. For most athletes this will be the most intense level of exercise they have performed yet. Come mentally prepared to train at your highest level and your outcomes will be very obvious. Athletes in the treadmill training program must maintain excellent nutrition and recovery habits to experience the best results. Athletes will be lectured routinely in regards to nutrition, hydration and recovery.

High Speed Treadmill Training Opportunities

High Speed Treadmill Training consists of five components to develop an athlete’s speed, lateral agility, running form, functional mobility, strength, recovery time and confidence. Participants will be pushed to maximum levels while developing superior outcomes for any athletic pursuit.

Fall 2016

Matt Emerick – Mondays 5 – 6pm

November: 7, 14, 21, 28
December: 5, 12, 19, 26

Winter 2017

  • Treadmill is starting January 2nd we will have sessions Monday/Tuesday and Thursday  at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7 pm
  • Jr Treadmill will start January 4th  will be on Wednesday/Friday at 5pm

*Training days are subject to change. Program length can be adjusted for individual needs.

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